The real stars walk among us, selfless and with purpose.

Crowning Glory: Henna Heals connects henna artists with people who have lost their hair, including cancer patients. Artists draw henna crowns (stunning!) to help patients cope with hair loss. Henna Heals, based in Canada, is 150 artists strong worldwide. Check out the Sun-Sentinel video here.

Walk a Mile in His Shoes: New Yorker Andre McDonnell provides shoes and socks to the homeless. McDonnell told the New York Post, “The best feeling is to see a homeless person in the shoes I gave them. I know that they appreciate it, and it just may make their walk in life a bit easier.” Through It’s From the Sole, donated shoes are refurbished and distributed throughout the City. Major news outlets and shoe manufacturers have taken note.

Coming Up (With) Roses: The reception is over, the guests are gone, and those beautiful (and expensive!) floral arrangements are left behind. Call Petals With Purpose and donate them! Volunteers will pick up floral arrangements from weddings and other celebrations, freshen them, and donate them to hospitals and retirement communities. Donors can choose a facility or let the volunteers decide. Read more from the Sun-Sentinel here.

Karmatastic, all!

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