STOPit Online Antibullying App Launches

Statistics show that as many as fifty percent of children are the victims of online bullying, which tragically can lead to suicide. STOPit is a mobile app where kids can anonymously report online bullying to school administrators. This is the first app from Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. STOPit is available for K-12, higher education, and workplaces. Details can be found at

 Therapy Dog_2_150716

Therapy Animals Assisting Mourners

You already knew these pooches were special; now, trained therapy animals are being used at funeral homes and services. Matthew Fiorillo of Ballard-Durand funeral home in White Plains, NY, told the AP, “my purpose was to take a tense, uncomfortable situation and ease the tension a little bit.” His therapy-trained dog Lulu can even “pray” when prompted, head between front paws and perched on a kneeler. Mark Krause, who started this at his funeral home in Milwaukee with own therapy-trained Portugese Water Dog in 2001, said, his dog, Oliver, could “sense grief and who needed him.”

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