My pick is outperforming any major index.

Her name is Maria. She makes clothes in her home in Bolivia, hoping to gain financial independence and a better life.

I don’t know the name of the city she lives in, but I imagine it to be dusty, maybe urban maybe rural.

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Through, I learned of Maria’s need for sewing equipment to expand her business. So far, $7.80 of my $25 has been repaid, with the balance on schedule to be repaid per the agreed-upon terms. I can take back the money or use it to help someone else: meet basic needs, invest in a sustainable future, improve a rural community.

The standard donation is $25 and you can choose from many categories of need, including here in the US. Click here to learn how your donation works.

Me, I’m taking my $7.80 and investing in another person’s dream.


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