Where does trash goes once it’s, well, trashed? In “Where Does Your Garbage Go,” CNN Inside Man Morgan Spurlock followed his own garbage from pickup to landfill. Trash in a landfill gets buried and sealed. It’s an oxygen-free dumping ground where things don’t decompose the way you might have been told, and certainly not the way you would hope.

Spurlock went to Bermuda, where one of those gyres, giant masses of plastic trash, choke the sea life. The fish ingest this garbage. What does it say when the fishermen won’t eat the seafood?

We all can and must do better. These are small ways to make a difference, as we work on the bigger stuff.

  1. Start a recycling program if your building or community doesn’t already have one. Much of what is recycled finds second and third lives and beyond.
  2. Go paperless with your bills where it makes sense for you.
  3. Carry a canvas shopping bag in your car. No excuses for leaving your bag at home!
  4. Wrap gifts in canvas shopping bags. It’s two gifts in one!
  5. Consider one of those “make your own” soda machines. You’ll use fewer plastic bottles and probably save a little green.
  6. If you must take a plastic bag, reuse it at least once and as many times as you can.

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