Do You Read the Obituaries?

I stopped reading the obits for a long time because I thought I was “borrowing trouble.” It was sad, especially when a young person passed or some insidious disease claimed someone who fought so hard. Plus, I kept finding people I knew.

I’ve since come around to the belief that it’s actually a way to celebrate, recognize, and learn.

Which brings me to Shubert Chang.

Who Was Shubert Chang?

Dr. Chang was a pediatric prosthetist/orthotist based in South Florida. He personally knew the pain and challenges of losing a limb, having lost a leg in a motorcycle accident when he was 15.

Dr. Chang treated children who had no insurance, traveled hundreds of miles north or south to adjust their prosthetic limbs, and visited kids who could not travel to him because they were tethered to ventilators and could not be transported.

He became a doctor originally to make his own prosthetic leg better.

Donations to Shubert’s Kids will help honor and continue his amazing, generous work.

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