The Wounded Warrior Project has a fabulous, and fabulously wrenching, motto: “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.®” Their mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, including the physical and the invisible injuries. In addition to raising awareness, Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans secure their hard-earned benefits.

Top 5 Medical Injuries/Health Problems

In Wounded Warrior Project’s most recent survey, the following were the most commonly reported:

1. Sleep conditionsRaising Funds for Wounded Warrior Project
2. Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD
3. Back, neck, and shoulder problems
4. Depression
5. Anxiety

Raise Funds, Raise Awareness

Donation options include one-time and monthly. You can make a donation in someone’s honor or memory. Funds are used to support programs and services to help injured servicemembers, raise public awareness, and help veterans help others like themselves.

You can host a fundraiser to support Wounded Warriors. Youth, school, and community events are among the many options, and there are event guidelines and planning resources available at On November 11 the Anda Veterans Day Golf Tournament will be held at Davie Golf and Country Club, with proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Visit for details.

Hire a Veteran

Jobs reports be damned, it’s hard for many adults to find a decent job, especially those “of an age” or facing the physical challenges that many of our veterans do. According to the annual Wounded Warrior Project survey, “finding gainful employment is difficult.” There are many organizations, though, that actively support our returning military. Two recent examples are the University of Miami and the Miami Dolphins. When you learn of a jobs fair supporting veterans, share the news in your Twitter feed or any other means you have to get the word out.

If You Are a Wounded Warrior

Veterans, family members, and caretakers can register at to learn more about the services available, local events, and access to discounts at retailers. Project Odyssey is one of the many opportunities available to Wounded Warriors and their families: through 5-day nature retreats Wounded Warriors and their spouses can learn skills to help rebuild trust and relationships.

Thank a Veteran

Don’t save your thanks for Veterans Day. When you see a servicemember, express your gratitude. These people volunteered to support and defend our country.

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